Purolator Tracking

Enter your Purolator tracking number below and click on the 'Track' button.


How to Track Purolator Courier / Shipment

  1. First head over to the official website, www.purolator.com.
  2. Under the 'Track' form located on the left sidebar, enter your PIN / Tracking number in the box and click on the track button.

    Purolator Tracking
  3. All the details associated with your shipment such as current location, status of delivery, expected time, e.t.c will be displayed in the Purolator Canada tracking page.

About Purolator

It is a Canada based courier company in which, Canada Post holds a major stake (91%). It was initially launched in the year 1960 named as 'Trans Canada Courier. Later, it was acquired by an American Oil and air filter company and thus got it's current name. The company was later re-acquired by Canada Post and yet retained the original name.

It is partnered with Fedex for international shipping.

Services Offered

Express: It is a delivery service extended within Canada and United States that generally provides next-day shipping. There are different sub-categories within this service, such as Evening, 10:30 am, e.t.c. based on the time of delivery. Purolator Express tracking allows you to track your shipments online.

Ground: This service ensures delivery within 2 business days. As it's name suggests, your shipment is transported on ground and this service is cheaper than express.

Express International: It's area of service includes more than 210 countries and territories across the globe. Express international ensures delivery within two business days. You can also integrate Purolator tracking international system in your e-commerce website through their API.

Other: Along with the aforementioned services, Purolator offers many other options like Freight Forwarding, same day delivery, courier services, warehouse management, e.t.c.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Purolator or it's related services. If you have any questions or grievances, contact their official support.