DHL Tracking

Enter your DHL tracking number in the form below and click on 'Track'.

dhl tracking

How to Track DHL Express Packages

You can simply enter your tracking / consignment number in the above form, to track your shipment. However, you can follow the instructions below if that method doesn't work.

  1. Go to the official DHL website,
  2. Under the Express tab located in the right sidebar, enter your DHL Express tracking numbers in the text area and click on the enter icon or hit Enter.
    dhl express tracking
  3. All the details included in the DHL tracking international tool such as current status, location, date of sending, date received, e.t.c are displayed.
  4. You can contact the official support in case of wrong delivery, incorrect details, e.t.c.

About DHL

It is a division of Deutsche Post providing express mail, global mail and logistics services. It was first established in the year 1962 to provide mail services between two major cities. But it expanded quickly throughout the globe and now has major presence in Germany (Deutschland), India, UK (United Kingdom), China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, Russia, UAE, Ireland, Pakistan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Peru, South Africa and many more countries.

DHL Express is the most popular service offered by the company, handling millions of parcels daily and employing over 275,000 personnel. It is further classified into two different services, time definite and indefinite. Time definite gives you a time constraint and guarantees delivery of your package within that constraint. However, time indefinite services do not guarantee the time of delivery. You can also calculate the prices using the shipping cost calculator tool.

DHL Global Forwarding

Global Forwarding provides freight forwarding services through air and water. It is one of the most popular freight movement services in the world.

Global Mail

Global Mail is a preferred service for B2C parcel delivery and e-commerce shipments. Basically, it caters to the needs of international mailing, parcel and package delivery, e.t.c. It is also supported by DHL Global mail tracking service which allows you to track the current status of your shipment anytime.

It's package tracking module can be easily integrated into your e-commerce platform through their intuitive API. So instead of saving the tracking number and visiting this portal, your customers can directly track the status of delivery on your website.

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